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The health and well-being information service is the Health and Wellbeing in the Countryside website for residents of rural Wales. The website aims to provide reliable and good quality information on a range of health and well-being issues, and direct people to health organizations and services in their area who may be able to provide them with additional information or support.

Health & Wellbeing Updates

Tips on the Right Animals to Start with in your Family Ranch

If you are new to the industry of family ranch, you might be thinking how to raise the farm and the animals. You need to know what animals you will be raising, whether it is basic animals or not. Conducting research will be essential if you are about to enter the farming industry.

We listed some animals that you might want to place farming. As day say, one of the basic animals that you can place are livestock. Learning to raise livestock is never easy, that is why we are sharing you tips on choosing right animals when starting family ranch.

  1. Chickens

Most family ranch caters chicken on the farm. One of the most common raised on farms. The reason behind it is that chicken is called multipurpose animals. They are the great source of eggs, chicken meat and fertilizer. Chicken breed will depend if how many eggs they can produce in a stock farming

  1. Goats

These animals is called magnificent animal. It produce meat and great source of dairy products. In the aspect of food, you can feed hay and vegetable. Pasturing goats is easy, you just need to make the goat happy but keeping them fenced.

  1. Pigs

In family ranch, having pigs can be smelly and messy. Nevertheless, this smell will not be an issue when you are always cleaning their den. This animal is good in investment because they can produce up to 10 piglets. It is also good source of meat. Pigs eat compost, milk as well as feeds. Pigs are very strong animal that is why you need to build strong fence.

  1. Pekin Ducks

This animal is one of the easiest to raise in family ranch. The Pekin duck just like chicken, will also be a great source of meat and eggs. The eggs of Pekin duck is quite larger than that of the chicken. Raising Pekin duck is making them happy to produce good eggs and meat; to provide that you need to provide them pool where they can swim.

  1. Honeybees

When thinking of honeybees as a newbie, you may think that it is hard. The good thing about honeybees is that you can have them free. It is known to produce honey that is useful in different ways. You must prepare hive boxes to keep them. Prepare the water as well that serve as their resting place and drink.

Here are five animals along with the tips in starting family ranch. Now, that you have the idea you will now be the successful farm owner. Sheltering an animal is never easy; you must have effort, patience and enough time to cater their needs. In addition, you need to be prepare before starting family ranch.

Benefits of Utilizing Tractors in Modern Agriculture and Farming

Most of the farmers used to spend the day planting for food. But because of the modern industry, there has been change in farming. The former carabao faming tool is no longer needed because of the on-going machinery. There are some of them that are characterized by the rapid development of agricultural affairs. Due to the influence of modern technology, farming has been used by automated vehicles. And it is so-called tractors. But what are the advantages of using tractors in ranching?

Although it is the modern level, the tractors are still used in the traditional practice of the farmers.  Whatever the people can always see in a farmer’s job, it still looks the same. The only difference is that it accelerates and simplifies their work. It is only necessary for proper knowledge of its use and also for purposeful knowing because ot the various types of these machines.modern equipments

And because of the capacity of this vehicle, there are few farmers who choose to monopolize their land to plant. And there is a kind of it that can alsp be used as generator called hand tractor. Which is one of the common advantage of having it. Consequently, people have saved a lot of time. Vehicle engines like this can be used from cultivation of land, watering, pile of soil rapidly and putting fertilizer on crops. It also works an easy way to clean some of the plants with fertile branches. It’s just a few of today’s modern day tools.

There’s numerous types of machinery launched into agriculture development. It is used by farmers to carry heavy items such machinery used in digging up the ground for cultivation. And the use of tractors is one of the most active ways. These vehicles have contributed significantly to farming production especially in small branches related to the fears of some farmers as the percentage of food demand increases. The importance of this is to help speed up the task. For others who have not been able to but tractors, don’t hesitate to try it.

Tips on the Right Animals to Start With On Your Farm

Somewhere along your farming journey, you might get the itch to start rearing animals on your farm. Or, an opportunity may present itself in such a way that you may not be able to resist. Perhaps someone is giving away a flock of free goats or you have just fallen in love with a calf and decide it is the right time you too should start rearing animals on your farm.

Whether you have planned to add animals to your farm, or it is just a series of events, you should an idea of how to prepare and take care of your animals beforehand. In order to give an insight of what you may need to know before deciding on which animals to keep, here are a few tips that will help you choose the right animals to start with in your farm:cattle ranching

Choose what Appeals to You

It may seem obvious but more likely that the animals you may want to rear are those that are drawn to you naturally. If goats seem strange or old, then they are not meant for you. Perhaps you are used to pet cows during your early years or petting pigs in your grandparent’s farm. These could just be the type of animals you have interest in and are appealing to you.

Be Careful About the Unusual

Often, many people are drawn to raise exotic or unusual animals. This is because they think doing something or raising animals that are not raised by someone else is marketable. This is often not a logical conclusion. While rearing special animals can sometimes be a great way to earn income, it can sometimes backfire. Always make sure that there is a market for whatever unusual animal you intend to rear in your farm before investing a lot of money in it.


Keeping animals often requires a large space and this is directly proportional to the size of animal you want to keep. For instance, you will require a much bigger space to rear ten cows compared to the amount of space you will need to rear ten goats. It is therefore essential that you check on the size of your farm before choosing the animals to keep.

Make a List of the Potential Animals you Want to Keep

Before embarking on animal keeping, make a list of potential animals you would wish to keep. Leave space for notes and make sure it gives detailed reasons why you prefer that specific animal on your farm. Use this list to get more information about the animals as you get deep into the research process.

Research About the Animals

Go to your local library or search on the internet some basic information on raising the animals your wish keep. As you get more information about these animals, you might now start narrowing down your list and focus on certain animals.

Talk to Other Farmers

Find some farmers who are rearing some of the animals you have considered. Ask everything you need to know about the animals including their success and challenges. Check how the housing and fencing has been done by other farmers and experience the animals in different dimensions.

Now that you have had the chance to explore virtually all the potential animals you want on your farm, you are now ready to decide and start with the right animals on your farm.


Modern Farm Equipment to Increase Productivity

farm tractor

Agriculture is probably among the world’s oldest and most necessary trades, and until now, it has carried on using the same tools. Modern-day engineering in addition to tractors and new equipment has changed the farming sector to one of proficiency and mass production. This productivity boost implies that the entire world has access to virtually any foodstuff it desires at any time. Let’s have a look at a few modern types of equipment that significantly increased farm productivity across the globe.

Automatic Inrow Weeder

Weeding is an essential practice in ensuring that you maintain a healthy crop. Allowing your farm to overgrow can let weeds and other invasive plants to choke your crops and leave most of your plants either dead or unhealthy to produce anything. The use of pesticide and weedicides is common among farmers but one has to take precaution of the harmful chemicals that these products contain. Hand weeding, on the other hand, maybe tiresome ad this is why the automatic row weeder was designed and developed to effectively weed out unwanted species of plants and weeds without the fear of hurting the intended crops.

Cow milking machines

Cows are the most common livestock reared and used across the world. From their meat, milk, skin, and also bones, products from cows help the world go around. For large milking plants, it is not feasible to employ hundreds of workers milking cows throughout the day. Also having workers to attach automatic pumps to the utter may still need a lot of efficiency enhancement. It is for this reason that the automatic milking machine was developed and has helped large-scale cow farmers and milk plants milk their cows with ease and increase milk tools and equipments

Potato Harvester

Potatoes are root plants and harvesting them requires a lot of digging. Hand digging potatoes is not an easy procedure but with the development of potato harvesters, the process has been enhanced thus increasing production. There are small-scale potatoes harvesters for farmers who grow potatoes in small scale while for farmers who grow potatoes in large scale, tractor-towed rigs are a great deal.

Carrot Harvester and Separator

Just like potatoes, carrots are root vegetables and harvesting them is not an easy task especially if they are grown in large scale. To help boost the harvesting process, carrot harvesters and separators were developed and today harvesting of carrots takes a short time and in turn increase production.

In conclusion, these are just but a few modern types of equipment that have revolutionized the agricultural industry. However, the greatest fear about these types of equipment is the loss of jobs due to automation of farming practices.


9 Reason Why Organic Food is More Ideal For Consumption

The Washington State Department of Agriculture and the United States Department of Agriculture legally request that organic food should be pesticide and chemical free. This means that ordinary consumer shopping in the neighbourhood market has the choice to purchase food that is certain of being healthy, natural and nutritious.

To truly understand and get the real picture, here are some reasons why organic food is more significant to human well-being:

1. Decrease the Danger of Contacting Cancer Ailment

As affirmed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 90 percent of fungicides, 60 percent of compost, along with 30% carcinogens can give rise to the evolution of cancer. Preventing these carcinogenic substances will allow you to keep healthy, and shield yourself from potentially harmful ailments.

2. Preserved with Natural Resources

Using chemicals isn’t just dangerous for the human body, but it may also have a substantial adverse effect on water and air quality. Chemicals like fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicides are contaminants which are used in groundwater, such as water supplies which are consumed by millions of individuals. By eating organic foods, it is possible to keep water clean and safe for human consumption.

organic produce

3. Support farmers

Organic food farmers are devoted to providing people with great quality, chemical-free produce. Big food manufacturers can create more food at a lower price since they use shortcuts like pesticides and other synthetic chemicals.

Because of this, local farmers who make organic food have difficulty staying in business because they just can not compete with larger providers. Purchasing organic food helps support modest farmers that refuse to exchange quality for quantity.

4. Safeguard the Environment

Sizeable agricultural production plants have exceptional energy intake than farmers that merely use natural procedures to make their food. By purchasing organic food, you will not only be supporting small farmers but also saving energy and protecting the environment.

5. Support Wildlife and Biodiversity

Pesticides are harmful to animals that may get ill when they come in contact with various kinds of synthetic chemicals used in agriculture. Another agricultural practice which strikes biodiversity is planting the exact identical sort of harvest on precisely the same plot of land over and over again.

The dirt finally becomes drained, and farmers must increasingly rely on fertilisers and pesticides to generate precisely the same quantity of food. Divide this cycle by only eating organic food that can be grown using conventional farming techniques.

6. Shield the Younger Generation

Kids are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of chemicals which they use in food production. Studies have revealed that kids eat four times as numerous carcinogenic chemicals as adults since they are inclined to consume foods with artificial ingredients.

Kids should consume a healthy diet made up of organic foods which contain all of the vital nutrients their bodies will need to develop strong and healthy.healthy food

7. Support Advanced Research

Organic farmers are at the forefront of creating environmentally friendly ways of producing flavorful, chemical-free food. Eating organic food may become your means of helping them finance the research which may revolutionise the food market.

8. Organic Farmers Operate in Better Conditions

The workers that the big food production companies employ are vulnerable to pesticides which are vigorously used in food production, and they may also develop severe ailments because of this.

According to a research done by the Harvard School of Public Health, there’s a 70% increase in cases of Parkinson’s disease among employees who handle pesticides. By eating organic food, you will assist stop unfair treatment of employees that are exposed to dangerous chemicals that may potentially shorten their lives span.

9. Organic Foods do not Include Neurotoxins

Neurotoxins are dangerous to human brain and nerve cells. Many food providers use pesticides called organophosphates to kill insects which attack vegetables and fruits. The issue with using them will be that organophosphates may be harmful to people also.

In reality, they use them as a toxic nerve agent made to eliminate the enemy during World War I. By eating organic foods, you can stay away from dangerous neurotoxins that could damage your body.

 Organic Foods Have Better Taste

Does not only organic food taste better, but also more nutritious. Natural foods include more vitamins, minerals, and other crucial nutrients compared to mass-produced food that’s being treated with chemicals.

There ought to be no longer doubts regarding why organic food is more excellent for the general well-being of the body. Make the best option regarding what you and your family consume daily.

Make sure that the foods that you buy are USDA certified organic using the seal onto them. It’s wise for you and your household.

Reason You Need A Home In A Rural Area

rural health

There are so many reasons that one should consider buying a home in the rural area. Living in the city has its advantages; there is no doubt about it. However, at some point all the noise and air pollution become overwhelming. This mostly happens once the children come and one starts thinking about the ways to improve the quality of life as well as all the ways the family can enjoy.

Having a beautiful home is doing just that – giving a family chance to enjoy the days spent together. It is a dream most people have – a small house with flowers in the yard with kids running around and a beautiful dog watching. This dream is definitely worth the search and making that change from living in a city and going far from it. It may not be appealing at first, but once you think about all the benefits, making that decision may become easier.

Fresh air

Living in the rural area has many advantages. One that everyone will appreciate is fresh air. The gardens are bigger, there are more trees and flowers are everywhere. This is not only beautiful sight and the way to rest your eyes from the screens and the stress from everyday life, but all these vegetation produces plenty of oxygen.

It is an ideal environment for children to grow healthy, but it is certainly healthy for adults as well. Breathing fresh air with open lungs will also clear your mind and help develop a positive attitude. There are so many things in the city that bother us and we don’t even notice them. However, once you spend some time in the fresh air, surrounded by beautiful flowers and grass, you will be wondering how you could live without it all those years.

rural living

Less noise

Being away from the city means that it is more likely you will enjoy quiet days. You will perhaps hear a dog barking now and then and the children laughter, but that is it. No buses, no commercials all around you, noise from thousands of people flowing through every street.

If you are simply overwhelmed and you wish to take a rest from it all, buying a home in a rural area will be a dream coming true. It will definitely be an opportunity to leave the noise behind you and simply hear your thoughts. Being able to think clearly is a great way to process all the information that overwhelms you.

Organize that mental clutter and give yourself the chance to live a more conscious life. People underestimate the power of silence. Somehow we are used to being surrounded by all kinds of sounds. Living in a rural area will help you start creating new positive habits.

No crowd

If you are used to waiting in line for the coffee, hot meal or in the supermarket – changing city lights for a life in a rural area will mean a huge change. There are no crowds and there is less stress. You will notice how you become calmer and slower, simply more eager to enjoy the day.

The little things will become more important than being constantly in a hurry. This will reflect on the quality of your overall life and the time spent with your family will be of a greater value. People in rural areas are closer, develop quality relationships since there is a limited number of people you meet.

It means that you will make a greater effort when you know that you will meet them over and over again. Relationships in the cities can be superficial in lots of cases because there are plenty of people you can see, drink coffee or go to movies.

Quality nutrition

Since there is less pollution, the fruits and vegetables that grow in these areas are healthier. There are no restaurants at every corner which gives the families even a better option – to cook according to their needs. There are fresh vegetables and fruit, mostly organic ones that you can choose from.

This can also greatly contribute to the health of your whole family. Living in cities means having a great choice of restaurants and types of food, people don’t even make the effort to learn how to cook and switching to cooking all the meals may be challenging at first, but it quickly becomes easier.

Having a family means thinking about all the ways to make them happy and healthy. Having a beautiful home in a rural area is just that – a great way to invest in the future in the best way possible. Fresh air, organic fruit and vegetables, less stress and noise are all factors that contribute to the well-being of every individual.

The main enemy of people in the 21st century is certainly stress that impacts the health in a very negative way. It seems like the new sport of every person is fighting it on a daily basis. Being constantly in a hurry, on the run, looking at the clock,  trying to be everywhere on time, to please everyone and at the same time in the middle of crowded,  noisy streets leaves a very little room for relaxing and listening to own personal needs. Investing in a home away from the city can help you greatly in raising the quality of your life on a completely new level.

4 Ways To Decrease Air Pollution And Enhance Your Environment

air pollution facts

Our planet has given us so much and we are not behaving like good guests. Often we do things that we don’t even think about and they can be harmful to the whole human population. If everyone did just a small thing every day to reduce the hazardous behavior, the result would be a cleaner planet with the potential to serve for many centuries.

If we continue behaving without care, we may end up without clean water and with polluted air. The harm does not stop there. If we pollute water and air, there will be no clean food either and this is not something we want to leave to our kids as a legacy.

Recycle whenever you can

Recycling regularly has an enormous effect on the overall consumption cycle. Using the same resources over and over again means that there is no waste or a minimal one. Bottles can be used numerous times, but if it gets thrown away then it is just one more waste that nature cannot decompose for many years.

Do everything you can to make this easier on the mother Earth. Don’t offer the things that don’t belong to her. In addition, using bags made of fabric that can be washed will be easier for your family, but also will eliminate plastic bags that are extremely harmful because the process of decomposing lasts many, many years. Some stay in nature for decades, even centuries.

  1. Consume energy carefully

Driving cars is something that we do every day. Millions of cars are on the streets worldwide. Can you imagine the quantity of harmful gas they produce?

Let me quip in that you can improve fitness, strength and wellbeing by taking naturally formulated workout and exercises supplements.

Driving a bicycle whenever possible will be good for your health, but also will reduce the emission of pollution in the air. In cases when you absolutely need a car, then little planning will make wonders. water pollution

Everything you need to do, do on your way at once. This way, you won’t have to start your engine over and over again. In addition, think about purchasing a hybrid car. These cars are a true revelation because there is no pollution and they are very energy efficient.

Besides, maintaining the car in the perfect condition will also decrease the negative effects of using it. If the tires are not in the good condition, the fuel will be consumed more. Also, driving within a normal speed range, without great oscillations will save the fuel you are using, which again means less pollution.

In addition, small things will also decrease the energy consumption in your house as well. When you leave the room, turn off the light. Use daily light more. Try not to shower with a hot water, since this will mean using more energy to heat it again.

  1. Decrease the use of harmful detergents

There are lots of products that are safe for nature, but somehow we always grab those that are stronger, make our house clean faster. These products will do a good job cleaning your house, but they can also do a great harm to the water and consequently the fish living in it.

Deodorants, various sprays impact the ozone layer making huge holes that change our climate for the worse. There is a whole cycle that one needs to have in mind when purchasing these products. Why harm the planet when there are all sorts of ecologic detergents that will do the job fine and even better than the commercial ones.

  1. Plant a tree

Plants are a true blessing to our planet. They purify the air we breathe, make as healthier and our lives more beautiful. Whenever possible – plant a tree. If you are living in an apartment and you do not have a garden where you can plant one, there is a solution.

You can plant small plants on your balcony or in your kitchen. This way the quantity of oxygen will increase and your lungs will be grateful. Some people even make gardens on the rooftops of their buildings. By doing this, they get organic food which has numerous positive effects on their health, but also make the air cleaner and healthier.

water pollution facts

These are only few ways that every individual can do with ease, but it can have an enormous positive effect on the overall well-being of all of us. Educating people around you and raising awareness is also something that will create a positive effect. If even one person starts behaving more responsible towards the resources we have, then it is already a success. It creates one cycle of positive actions.

Reusing items such as clothing and batteries can go a long way. Lately, second-hand stores are gaining popularity. Even major stores give discounts if you bring an old t-shirt or pants. Also, turning off major appliances when they are not used can decrease your bills for electricity, but also have a huge benefit for the environment. Using a fan instead of air conditioning when possible will cool down the temperature in the room and give you the same effect, but be more environment-friendly.

6 Reasons Why Village Life Is A Healthier Option

Village Life Style

Most of us have gone into city-based living. The options and facilities are always better, and you get to enjoy an enhanced living in the rural areas. Comparing the type of facilities that we see in rural areas, a city life even sometimes appears to be a safe option.

We have better technological advancements in cities, and the ability to reach out to the things that we need are quite accessible. But even today there are umpteen reasons to choose village-life over city-life. If we look back at the things that are happening now at a wider perspective, a village seems much better than a city. So here are the reasons that will tell you why village life is a healthier option. With no further ado, let’s get to the list.


Self-reliant living: Most of us do not rightly understand the term self-reliant. We think that it is the technology that makes us independent. This I feel is exactly the opposite of the truth.

Technology is making us more and more dependent, and we have lost our physical and mental ability. Right from things as small as calculators to big things like transport everything is backed by technology. The rural people are still self-dependent in a lot of things for which we depend on technology.

No pollution: Both population and pollution are less in villages when compared to the urban areas. We only have concrete jungles instead of actual jungles, and that is why there is an increase in pollution in cities, urban, and semi-urban areas. There is more chance of breathing fresh and unpolluted air in the rural areas. The problems of deforestation haven’t reached them yet, and they live a clean and disease-free life.

Living in a Rural Area

More inclination towards nature: Village life is more inclined to nature. Instead of vehicles and factories, there are green trees, pastures and grasslands all around.

You are better connected to the motherland, and that is why we are more connected to nature when we are villages. Nature has the ability to cure both our mental and physical illness, and that is why village life makes you a healthier person.

Healthier diet: There is always better vegetation in a village. This is the main reason why we get fresh food items, fruits and vegetables. People can almost consume raw vegetables from their own gardens. The scope for vegetation and growing gardens is better in villages when compared to cities.

The reason why we call villages the backbone of a nation is for the fact that it caters space and opportunity for agriculture.

They dress better: This is quite disheartening for the ones who have modern dressing attributions. It is quite an unknown fact that the dress that we wear can impact our health. The village clothes are not only modest but are also healthier. Ask us how?

The village attire mostly comprises of loosely-fitting clothes, and they do not stress the external skin. Moreover, the mostly loved jean clothing that the tight dresses that we wear can have an impact on the bones and their flexibility as well.

All in time: The rural life is more civilized and organized, and that is the first healthy sign that you get to enjoy in a village.

Though we have a lot of stuff to support us to be on time, we are always late for things, and all of us are in a rush. This is not something that you will see in villages. People are organized, and they act on time. Probably that is why there is no traffic in villages.

Best massage for stress and anxiety stress

Amid a time when every day appears to bring new pressure, it’s no big surprise that massage has turned out to be progressively prominent as a method for diminishing tension.

There are numerous reasons individuals may search out for massage for stress treatment, however, stretch help has a tendency to be the most famous. A lot of research has discovered that back rub treatment is a perfect pressure alleviation instrument, yet some back rub strategies are preferred at accomplishing this objective over others.

The human body was intended to react to peril, for example, an assault by wild monsters, by either escaping or battling. Both those activities require additional levels of cortisol, known as the “stress hormone,” which smothers the resistant framework and expands glucose levels to keep our muscles prepared for battle or flight.

In any case, since the vast majority of the present issues don’t include wild monsters, maintaining higher cortisol levels can prompt stomach related issues, cerebral pains and sleep deprivation. That is the place Massage Envy comes in.

Best types of massage:


  1. Swedish massage– The most widely recognized kind of massage, Swedish massage utilizes an assortment of movements to decompress muscle tissue, discharge strain and separate strong bunches. The strokes utilized as a part of Swedish massage are percussion, shaking, long strokes, vibration, massaging and grating, which improves blood course, extends ligaments, brings down pulse and initiates unwinding. Nonetheless, the long, smooth, skimming strokes are normally viewed as the most unwinding segment of a Swedish massage.


  1. Head Massage– Bodywork concentrating on the noggin is a known pressure reliever. There are thin muscles on the scalp that can hold a lot of strain. Other than including massage of the scalp inside a Swedish massage session, the conventional Ayuverdic head oil knead known as champi is a particularly unwinding treatment.


  1. Fragrant healing Massage– By adding fundamental oils to rub oil or cream, fragrant healing massage can be an intense method to de-stretch. The nostrils are joined to the limbic framework, a region of the mind that controls feelings and impacts the sensory system and hormones. In that capacity, an inward breath of the basic oil atoms can specifically impact physiological and enthusiastic segments of pressure. The oils most known for their unwinding impact incorporate geranium, lavender, and chamomile.

  1. Auricular Acupressure– Considered a microsystem for the whole body, the ear is contrasted with a modified hatchling; with the head on the lower ear projection, the feet at the highest point of the ear, and whatever is left of the body in the middle. Containing a few hundredweight focuses, rubbing the ear in the region compared to the focal sensory system energizes the arrival of endorphins – the body’s common pressure assuaging hormones.

People see a great difference in the way they lead their lives with Rural Well Being and we are proud to have created this difference.

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