Drugs are strong substances that can affect your thinking, feeling and action, and may cause you to lose control over your body and mind.

People who take drugs do this for a variety of reasons. Some people use them because they believe that drugs can cause them to forget their concerns, because their friends do, because they are eager to know how they will feel, or because they believe it can be fun.

Whatever their reason, it is important that they are aware of the effects of drugs on the body and mind, and the risks involved in taking them.

Most drugs can be split into three general groups:

Symbolists: Are
drugs that stimulate the main nervous system, increase the heart rate and brain activity
e.g. coconut, ecstasy, amphetamine, tobacco, caffeine
Believers: Are
drugs that ignore the main nervous system and slow down brain activity
e.g. alcohol, heroin, silencer, solvents
Wheelbirds: Are
drugs that affect the mind, change perception and distort the way consumers see and hear things
e.g. Cannabis, Ketamin, LSD, Magic Mushrooms

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