Half of people who smoke regularly die due to a smoking-related disease.

One in five people in Britain die from smoking, and diseases caused by smoking cause a significant number of people to die early in Britain.

The average people who die due to diseases related to smoking in Britain:
14 people per hour
330 people per day
10,000 people per month
120,000 people per year!
In the UK, smoking kills about 6 times the number of people who die in road accidents, other accidents, poisoning and overdose, a murderer and homicide, suicide and HIV disease.

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Surveys show that around 70% of people currently smoking would like to quit smoking.

Or, if you have already decided, would you like to quit smoking, go to the section how you can stop it and see what you should do next. Remember – you’re not alone. In the last 15 years, 10 million people in Britain have stopped smoking, and have continued. That’s over 1,000 people every day!

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