What Do You Take

Most people enjoy drinks every time and so. Typically, there is drinking can do any harm, and it can be enjoyable. However, at times drinking too much ( alcohol , alcohol and baby expectation ), or even drinking at all ( drinking and driving , alcohol in the workplace ) can cause problems. Visit the Alcohol section for more information on these topics, as well as facts on the impact of alcohol on your body and mind.

If your weakness is cigarettes, go to the Smoking section to look at a cigarette recipe to see what goes into cigarettes, information on why you should stop it , advice on how to give up answers to your worries about giving up , information on how nicotine replacement therapy can be helpful, and for information and advice on smoking and expecting a baby .

Drugs are strong substances that can affect your thinking, feeling and action, and may cause you to lose control over your body and mind. The Drug Fact File contains information on individual drugs, their impact and the risks that are attached to them. This section also provides information about drugs and the law , emergency information , advice on what to look for if you are Aggressive that someone may be using drugs, and the chance to prove how much you are in know in the Drug Quiz .

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